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Camp NaNoWrimo is coming!


Oh yes! It is! I am hoping to crack out another 25,000 words of ‘No Voice?!’ during the month of July. Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo this summer? I have already been assigned my “Cabin” and I am now ready and waiting for July 1st to arrive. I am a little nervous about the ‘Camp’ as I have not done any ‘proper’ writing for a long time and I feel that I will not ‘get back into the swing of things’ when it comes to actual writing.


I know that it will flow when I start, but I think I will find starting the hardest. Have you seen this month’s “Swag”? I am loving the rucksack. Sadly, I do have any rucksack like it – I do have many rucksacks; I prefer to have my hands free!

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I cannot do it anymore!

I cannot believe that I have lost interest in my NaNoWriMo novel this month; it seems I am not destined to write a Science-Fiction novel. I have got bored of it at 12, 403 words. I haven’t even updated my word count on the site! Terrible I know! I have been focusing on my jobs this month.

My new job as a Retail Supervisor and Bar Tender has been rather busy since starting on November 1st. It has been very demanding on the body – as the shop is still being ‘created’ and is not yet completed. Which; is a shame as I would like to get on with my job.

Also, I have been trying to catch up on my reading. I have added more books to my TBR pile but it seems not to be going down! It must be, but I cannot see it!

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NaNo Going To Plan…

Well, I knew that this was going to happen this year. Even though I have a new job which has given me more time to write it seems that I am just unable to write! I am a bit of a Planter – I think that is the term – where I have planned a little bit but I am also being an author who just goes with it. This year I purposefully did a little of planning – characters names etc, researched into their jobs and places where they could work from. However, I have ran out of everything that I have planned, which is a shame! I have not brought a “Winners” tee shirt this year, I thought I could get one when I actually won. Fat chance of that happening at the moment!

I need some positive vibes sending my way, please!!

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Goodreads, Life and Cross Stitch Updates!

Wow! I have had a massive burst of reading madness. Recently I have finished “Molly and the Cat Café” by Melissa Daley (review coming soon!) and I am already a fifth of the way through “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown. Both of these books are a part of my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I have also set myself a mini challenge to read both “The Lost Symbol” and “Inferno” before Tuesday 31st October – as my Mum and I had decided to go and see the film “Inferno” on that day. A mission I know, but I am determined to do it.

My current Goodreads Reading Challenge book count is at 10 out of 24. Fourteen to go and two months to do it in! I will complete it! I will! I am staying positive!

Also I have some interesting news about my ‘everyday life’. I am no longer a member of staff for my local county council. Well, almost. I finish on October 28th and on November 1st (the same day as NaNoWriMo begins) I will be working for my part-time as a full-time staff member. On November 1st, the Brewery will be expanding into a new building and I am going to be one of the staff members who are going to be working there. I am very excited about this.

I have also created a blog for my Cross Stitching ‘obsession’ it is called Dreaming in Aida. Please feel free to pop over and see it. Leave a comment and enjoy what you see!


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NaNoWriMo is coming…am I ready?

Oh yes, it is nearly that time once again! I have already started planning; yes I know that I am a month and a bit ahead – I REALLY want it this year. I have been inspired by a story starter that my current student was given.

The theme for NaNo this year is Space – I found that my Sci-Fi juices are flowing. I do have some Sci-Fi pieces started and I think that it is time to actually complete 50K in this genre. I know that I can work my way through November if my job carries on like it is – not much supporting students but being there for their medical needs.

Anyways; I am aiming to finish reading two books in the next few days. “The World According To Bob” by James Bowen and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” by J.K. Rowling are the books I am getting near the end. I have also added some more Audiobooks to my Audible collection – head over to my newly added Audible Collection page.

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Camp NaNoWriMo has begun…

Today is April 1st and Camp NaNoWriMo has officially begun. I have set myself a 20,000 word goal; which means I have to write 667 words a day to reach my goal. This year’s Camp NaNo I am focusing on Chapters 4 and 5 of my NaNoWriMo 2011 novel “No Voice?!”.

Here is today’s stats:

As you can see I am already ahead – first time in a long time I am actually ahead of my daily goal! I am hoping that I can keep this up!

On Instagram I have also signed up to do the #AprilCampWritingChallenge organised by clever Kate Stark (IG:@kates_little_sweet_things)

To see my daily posts, please check out my IG account @JemmaJH.

To reward myself of reaching my daily goal; I decided that I would do some Cross Stitching. I have recently signed up for the Concern Worldwide – #StitchForSyria programme and I decided that it time that I start Shannon’s (Bad Ass Cross Stitch) #YearOfStitch; which she did last year on Instagram. Her account being @baddasscrossstitch – again see my Instagram account for more details on my progress.

In four more days, I will be announcing some exciting news…keep your eyes peeled for more details!

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2016 so far…

opgnrkoThis is how I am currently feeling about 2016! Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than a week and I have only just signed up for it. I am going to try and get chapters four and five finished. So, I’m aiming at 50,000 words again! Crazy I know; but the first 11 days of April I will on my Easter Holidays from work. I am pretty excited about it! I will have to set myself a time limit and timetable on when and where I can actually write.


I have been “requested” to come into work to assist with some students with their “interventions” and I know that they children will not need me all the time; so my laptop will be coming with me and I will try and write! Some of the students are the inspiration for my entry this year. ‘No Voice?!’ is a Young Adult novel that I started in 2011 in the November edition of NaNoWriMo. I want to publish this novel as I feel that it is time for the world to read my work. Who could I publish with? I will have to do a J.K. Rowling and apply to loads of Publishing houses. If you have any ideas; please feel free to let me know.

On the GoodReads front; I am VERY behind! I am still reading a book I was supposed to finish in January. The Personal Development said of the books are a little thin; I will need to find some more to add to the TBR pile! My novel TRB pile is MASSIVE and I know that it will be easy to pick my next book!

Some of you may know that I am a member of Girlguiding UK and after the age of 26 you can no longer to any badges – I love badges! Just look at this image of my blankets and myself this Thinking Day (22nd February). 12814737_10156605800525111_4905957159437728655_n

I do have a lot of badges left to sew on. I think a new blanket is in order…but when?! Anyway; there is a website called Best of Guiding UK; which I am a member of and they let us “oldies” do badges! I am currently doing some “BOGUK Badges” – I am excited to keep you posted with them.

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Merging blogs and much more…


Hey everyone! I have decided to delete my “Book Reviewing” blog and its Instagram account. I feel that I did not have enough time to keep THREE blogs running. So; as it is 2016 – a brand new year, I decided to change something and the blogs were it! My TEFL Adventures is still up and running; which I am glad is still having visitors, even though my adventures I have not started fully yet. I am aiming for September/October this year. Please keep your fingers crossed!

I will now be writing my book reviews here as well as my NaBloPoMo posts; which is now going to happen in November only. I am happy about that two, as I was always struggled to post every day, every month. So, NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo will happen at the same time!

NaBloPoMo is now called BlogHer Writing Lab; however, I will not be taking part in the January writing – as today is the 18th and it is too late to sign up. Bring on February!!

As for GoodReads; I did not complete the 2015 Reading Challenge! I challenged myself to read 80 books and sadly I only got to 12 books! For the 2016 Reading Challenge I have decided to read two books a month; therefore 24 books! I will read one Fiction and one Personal Development book – these books will help me with my businesses.


Camp NaNoWriMo hasn’t worked again!

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through the stress and lack of muse when I take part in the Summer NaNos?! I am always busy and I never plan my writing time into my days. I have changed my Word Count to 20,000 words as I know that I am not going to get the full and proper amount of 50,000. I am naughty I know; just it seems that I do not have enough time or power to write that much. It is day 19 and “Winning” starts tomorrow; I REALLY need to get a wiggle on with my writing! There is only 13 days left of writing! I am totally rubbish!

On a positive note; No Voice?! is now coming along nicely and I have found the perfect Graphic Designer for my book cover. Suzie of Monochrome Rainbow Designs, is a fellow NaNo author and good friend (well, we have know each other for a couple of centuries now) and obviously is a Designer. She offers books cover designing! I cannot wait to employ her for her amazing skills to create the cover. So, keep your eyes peeled!

I am about to “attend” the Virtural Write Ins the were done on/via Youtube – I know that they are not “Live” but I think that may help me! It is a horrid sunday so what else can I do but write! I’ll post a word count later tonight as I have Star Wars V Watch-A-Long with my fellow Iggles of House Organa at around 7pm (or it could be 8pm)!

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NEWS FLASH – Iggle/NaNo/LEP Style…

Round 25 Pen Pal has been given to me! Randi *waves* is her name. She sounds fab! I cannot wait to start writing to her.

June/July Craft Challenge is all complete. What do you all think?

June/July Paint Challenge is all complete; but I am not going to post it up (Sorry) I used MS Paint and I have a laptop with no ‘proper’ mouse so I think it looks horrid!

“One Off Happy Mail” Swap is currently underway; I’m swapping with Melissa of Israel. I wonder what she will send me. I had packed an envelope full of writing goodies. I am not going to say what goodies; just in case she reads this post.

Camp Sign up start on the 15th; I’m hoping for Troop Lumos! Being a Harry Potter fan I am keeping my fingers crossed!


Camp NaNoWriMo is not going well; I have only just passed 3,000 words of my 50,000 target! We are 13 days in and I should be at least a quarter of the way through! I have a writing group meeting on Wednesday; hopefully I will get some inspiration for their minds!


LEP Update…I am in the process of working through my reply pile. It is a mixture of Iggle and League mail – I may to some introduction letters and pick people at random from the database…what do you all think?