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Should I or should I not?

Should I or should I not do Camp NaNoWriMo this coming July? I will be away for the last three days of Camp (I will have access to the internet and I will be able to upload my novel at the end). However; I will be working every hour I can get my hands on working – both at The Brewery and with Jamberry to get as much cash as possible. This is due to adding an extra event on to my American trip…


I wasn’t going to originally; but I was persuaded by the rest of the girls in my team and being in the USA anyway, I thought that I could not miss the chance! I have been lucky that one of my team, can no longer go and has transferred her ticket to me – which I am very grateful! I think that I will give her some of the Swag I received as a thank you! I am sharing a room with four other members of my team.

However, there is a little, tiny, wincey problem – 33 and half hours on a bus (there and back)! JamCon is in Orlando, Florida, which is on the opposite end of the country to where I am staying – Buffalo, NY. I think that this will be a fantastic opportunity for me to see more of America and cross off some more of my “52 States Challenge”; which is currently ranking at five States visited!

I know that writing for Camp, will keep me focused and relaxed. I will be able to write on the bus down to Heathrow and on the plane; should I do Camp? I know that I will be doing a lot more reading over the holiday; as I am going to push on my books for my GoodReads Reading Challenge. I have 7 chapters left of “Narrowboat Dreams” to read and then that one can be “shelved”!

Let me know your thoughts…

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