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Another book down…

Last night I finished “The 100” by Kass Morgan. I do have the next two books on my TBR pile. However, they will have to wait a little longer as I currently have four books on the go! I am trying to get these four books read quickly as I will not be able to take too many books on my trip to America (67 days and counting); I will be taking the Kindle (blasphemy – I know!). There are MANY books on there to keep me going for my 7 hour flight, days and nights at camp and the 7 hour bus journey. That is not including the train journey to camp and if I can, my flight to Orlando and two night stay there! I am still working out the cost for that part of the trip – I’ll keep you all posted on that!

Anyway, back to “The 100”. I knew that it was going to be completely different that the TV show. I have to remember that the show is an adaptation and not the book! However, I did find that having a mental image of the characters helps with the reading (even though Clarke is a red head in the book but a blonde on the show?!). I did not like how book one ended, I know that I will have to get through these four books pretty sharpish to get to book two and three (my brother and his family bought them for my birthday in March).

I am currently focusing on “Narrowboat Dreams: A journey North by England’s Waterways” by Steve Haywood. I started this book months ago but got distracted by “The 100”. I am finding this book rather funny and a little nerve racking – I hope to live on a narrowboat in the future. I know that I will be fine, bur what Steve has written about so far does make me nervous!

Until the next time…

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