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A little bit of an update…

Yesterday I finished “A Street Cat called Bob” by James Bowen. It was amazing and I was reading it as a part of my Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016. It was book three out of 24. I was trying to read one ‘Fiction’ and one ‘Non-Fiction’ book a month. I have currently only read two ‘Fiction’ and one ‘Non-Fiction’ (see my Reading Challenges page for a full list). I am a MASSIVE cat lover; there are two within this household and another which lives with my brother. I knew within the first few lines I was going to love this book. I cannot believe that there is another five books afterwards. I will need to add them to my Bookcrossing Wish List. I received this book as part of a BookRay (or BookRing) through Bookcrossing – I am waiting to hear back from the next participant for their address so I can send it on to them. However; I have signed up for the second book. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

As for Camp NaNoWriMo; it has been very good. I am currently half way into my 20,000 word goal. I do have some editing to do as I have nearly finished a chapter. I am aiming to write at least two chapters over this ‘Camp’. I have been sticking to my daily word goal, which is under 700 words. However, as you can see I have been writing a little more than that. I wonder when it comes to November I can keep the flow and write more of the novel. I have also been looking into getting it published; but I am a little nervous about sending it off. I don’t even know which Publishing houses to send it to. I will need to do some more research on that.

Another exciting piece of news is that I had an interview with Fun Languages Viseu in Portugal about a teaching job out there (see “Some Job News” at My TEFL Adventures for more info) and I am now an official Jamberry Nails Consultant. You may have seen the image appear upon the sidebar of the blog. It is very exciting. I am one of the first people to have this opportunity here in the UK; I hope that you all have a look at my website; just click the image and it will send you to my site. I may not be a ‘girly girl’ but the Jamberry nail wraps are amazing. I have never seen anything like them ever. I was introduced to them by my long-time friend, Amy, who I have known since 1999. She was in the Girl Scouts (the same area that I am going to camp with this summer) and she was my Host for the camp. She is a ‘sister from another mumma’! I am going to see her too this summer, can’t wait! Jamicures will be taking place when I am there for sure! Here are some examples of the wraps; theyr are cute right?

I cannot believe that the Easter Holidays are almost at their end; I have a Training Day on the 11th (which I am not looking forward to!) and knowing me I will be writing some of my novel when I am there – I did that the Training Day we had in September last year. I have not received anything about the day other than the times; which I had to ask for. Oh well! I can just keep writing, can’t I.

Last night I watched “The Maze Runner”; have any of you seen the film or read the book? I have added all of The Maze Runner series to my Book Shopping Wish List; I swear it gets bigger every month! I found the idea of the story rather clever and I am looking forward to seeing the next two films.


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