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2016 so far…

opgnrkoThis is how I am currently feeling about 2016! Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than a week and I have only just signed up for it. I am going to try and get chapters four and five finished. So, I’m aiming at 50,000 words again! Crazy I know; but the first 11 days of April I will on my Easter Holidays from work. I am pretty excited about it! I will have to set myself a time limit and timetable on when and where I can actually write.


I have been “requested” to come into work to assist with some students with their “interventions” and I know that they children will not need me all the time; so my laptop will be coming with me and I will try and write! Some of the students are the inspiration for my entry this year. ‘No Voice?!’ is a Young Adult novel that I started in 2011 in the November edition of NaNoWriMo. I want to publish this novel as I feel that it is time for the world to read my work. Who could I publish with? I will have to do a J.K. Rowling and apply to loads of Publishing houses. If you have any ideas; please feel free to let me know.

On the GoodReads front; I am VERY behind! I am still reading a book I was supposed to finish in January. The Personal Development said of the books are a little thin; I will need to find some more to add to the TBR pile! My novel TRB pile is MASSIVE and I know that it will be easy to pick my next book!

Some of you may know that I am a member of Girlguiding UK and after the age of 26 you can no longer to any badges – I love badges! Just look at this image of my blankets and myself this Thinking Day (22nd February). 12814737_10156605800525111_4905957159437728655_n

I do have a lot of badges left to sew on. I think a new blanket is in order…but when?! Anyway; there is a website called Best of Guiding UK; which I am a member of and they let us “oldies” do badges! I am currently doing some “BOGUK Badges” – I am excited to keep you posted with them.

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