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Merging blogs and much more…


Hey everyone! I have decided to delete my “Book Reviewing” blog and its Instagram account. I feel that I did not have enough time to keep THREE blogs running. So; as it is 2016 – a brand new year, I decided to change something and the blogs were it! My TEFL Adventures is still up and running; which I am glad is still having visitors, even though my adventures I have not started fully yet. I am aiming for September/October this year. Please keep your fingers crossed!

I will now be writing my book reviews here as well as my NaBloPoMo posts; which is now going to happen in November only. I am happy about that two, as I was always struggled to post every day, every month. So, NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo will happen at the same time!

NaBloPoMo is now called BlogHer Writing Lab; however, I will not be taking part in the January writing – as today is the 18th and it is too late to sign up. Bring on February!!

As for GoodReads; I did not complete the 2015 Reading Challenge! I challenged myself to read 80 books and sadly I only got to 12 books! For the 2016 Reading Challenge I have decided to read two books a month; therefore 24 books! I will read one Fiction and one Personal Development book – these books will help me with my businesses.

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