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FREE WRITING: To enter or not?

NaBloPoMo September 2015

It is Sunday and it is a Free Writing day; so I have decided to write about entering writing competitions. I have recently been thinking about subscribing to Mslexia again. Mslexia is a quarterly magazine for female writers. I subscribed to the magazine years ago and entered a couple of the competitions. I felt a little deflated as I did not won or have the acknowledgement of my entry. I also used to be a subscriber to Writer’s Forum; another writing magazine.

I have entered the Ledbury Poetry Competition, the last few years and I have found it a lovely competition. However; I feel my poetry is not as strong as my creative writing.

I really want to have my stories published either in a pamphlet or as a book. I don’t know if I am “the next J.K. Rowling” but I feel that my stories will change someone’s lives.

Entering competitions I feel will improve my confidence when it comes to my writing. I have also been thinking about entering essay writing competitions for University courses…yes or no? What do you think?

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