Camp NaNoWriMo hasn’t worked again!

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through the stress and lack of muse when I take part in the Summer NaNos?! I am always busy and I never plan my writing time into my days. I have changed my Word Count to 20,000 words as I know that I am not going to get the full and proper amount of 50,000. I am naughty I know; just it seems that I do not have enough time or power to write that much. It is day 19 and “Winning” starts tomorrow; I REALLY need to get a wiggle on with my writing! There is only 13 days left of writing! I am totally rubbish!

On a positive note; No Voice?! is now coming along nicely and I have found the perfect Graphic Designer for my book cover. Suzie of Monochrome Rainbow Designs, is a fellow NaNo author and good friend (well, we have know each other for a couple of centuries now) and obviously is a Designer. She offers books cover designing! I cannot wait to employ her for her amazing skills to create the cover. So, keep your eyes peeled!

I am about to “attend” the Virtural Write Ins the were done on/via Youtube – I know that they are not “Live” but I think that may help me! It is a horrid sunday so what else can I do but write! I’ll post a word count later tonight as I have Star Wars V Watch-A-Long with my fellow Iggles of House Organa at around 7pm (or it could be 8pm)!

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