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NEWS FLASH – Iggle/NaNo/LEP Style…

Round 25 Pen Pal has been given to me! Randi *waves* is her name. She sounds fab! I cannot wait to start writing to her.

June/July Craft Challenge is all complete. What do you all think?

June/July Paint Challenge is all complete; but I am not going to post it up (Sorry) I used MS Paint and I have a laptop with no ‘proper’ mouse so I think it looks horrid!

“One Off Happy Mail” Swap is currently underway; I’m swapping with Melissa of Israel. I wonder what she will send me. I had packed an envelope full of writing goodies. I am not going to say what goodies; just in case she reads this post.

Camp Sign up start on the 15th; I’m hoping for Troop Lumos! Being a Harry Potter fan I am keeping my fingers crossed!


Camp NaNoWriMo is not going well; I have only just passed 3,000 words of my 50,000 target! We are 13 days in and I should be at least a quarter of the way through! I have a writing group meeting on Wednesday; hopefully I will get some inspiration for their minds!


LEP Update…I am in the process of working through my reply pile. It is a mixture of Iggle and League mail – I may to some introduction letters and pick people at random from the database…what do you all think?

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