All Things Iggle…

I know that this blog supposed to be for my woes and excitements of writing; but I am just a little excited about my Summer plans. I finish “school” on Friday and I am looking forward to carrying out all things I have had to put off during Term Time.

This is what I am going to be doing:

I know that this is two months merged together; it will be interesting to see what I paint.

I have never made a Zine before’ it sounds pretty exciting. There are some links on how to make them on the Crafting forum. I will have to have a look on YouTube too.

I will be catching up on all the books that I have missed since joining IGGPPC. I have created a Spreadsheet (if you want it; just let me know – I’ll send you the link) with all the books on. I just hope that I can do all the 80 books I have set myself to read before the end of the year. To see what books I have already read; head over to Paper A Plenty – my book blog.

I have also signed up for the “One-Off Happy Mail” and “Bookmark” Swaps. I am going to be a very busy lady over the next few weeks. I will be letting you all know how I get on with these little adventures. I have completed some of the IG challenges; but yet to receive my Achievement Codes…

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