NaNoWriMo · Personal Life · Sketchbook Circle 2015


Hey everyone; I am SO SORRY that I have not blogged here for a while. I have been focusing on my TEFL blog – My TEFL Adventures – and I have been job hunting ready for September.

Anyway; here is some news!

I am STILL doing Camp NaNoWriMo (July Edition); which is coming along nicely. I am a little behind but I am out of work on Wednesday so I will be able to catch up on it. I am just hoping that there is a plug and/or WiFi I can use…

Sketchbook Circle; I was asked by the organisers if I wanted to join the other late comers to the project but I have declined as it is for Hannah; so she can show the children how to start one off. Personally, I am not liking my books. However, Hannah is loving it. Thumbs up then!

There has bee a lot of things happening IGGPPC; I have started on my Camp activities – the camp is not until August but I thought that I would get ahead of myself. There is another post talking more about this!

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