IGGPPC Camp 2015: Friendship Bracelet


So of you may know that I am an Iggle; a member of a fantastic online community. IGGPPC is what it is called for short; International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club. This coming August this fab lot will be holding their second Annual camp – online! One of the ongoing activities is to create your own Friendship Bracelet.(You have already seen it at the bottom of the blog; I like you all to have a good look around my blog).

Here is my code for you to add my segment to your bracelet:

Image2 jemmaj

<a href=http://www.thewritingrants.wordpress.com” target=”_blank”><img src=http://i62.tinypic.com/34dkf3o.jpg width=”40” height=”40” alt=”JemmaJ”/></a>

Jim Jam is the Camp nickname and JemmaJ is my forum username…which one will you chose?

Please feel free to let me know that you have got my segment; then I can head over to your blog and get yours!


Here are my bracelets:


House OrganaPluto - Dezpresso.comteatimetailsStewieTheCraftyLassbookloverblueWhimsyAndNoir

The Peach MartininoxyTroop Lumos SlackBotDracodlkrispadgetQuaffleAdvent Geek Girl


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