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Fixing my last mistake…

NaBloPoMo February 2015

Welcome to a new week; it is now Monday which means it is time for another prompt. Today’s prompt is “What was the last mistake you made? How did you try to fix it?”

My last mistake that I made was not continuing with my education at the University of Central Lancashire; I have been trying to fix this mistake since I left Preston in 2010. I cannot believe that it has been nearly five years since I graduated. I wanted to do a Postgraduate qualification in British Sign Language; it was too expensive for me to continue. I thought that I would work for a couple of years and then head back to Preston. Sadly’; this did not happen! I am very sad about it as I miss Preston dearly.

I know that I could have found a job in Preston; but at the time there was nothing available to me. Working in the job I am now; I thought would only last two maybe three years – not five! This is why I have trained to be a Teacher of English as a Second Language. Maybe this is the fix I need…

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