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5 things you hope they keep making hundreds of years into the future

NaBloPoMo February 2015

Yippie! It’s Wednesday! However; I do have another prompt to help me write my post for today – “What are 5 things you hope they keep making hundreds of years into the future?”

Here are my five things I hope that will still being made in 100 years:

Care Bearsthe Original Care Bears
I love the Care Bears; Funshine Bear was my bear when I was going up. It is a shame that the newer bears don’t look as good as the original ones. #BringBackThe80s

Marvel Films/Programmes
Agents of SHIELD

I LOVE Marvel and all of their creations; it is just a shame that most of the current shows are on satellite (which I do no have). I could watch most of the programmes on LoveFilm, Netflix etc but then I would need unlimited internet!

Malt & Hops Sack
Malt & Hop sacks

Working part time in a Brewery; I love to see the traditional method of brewery ales. I am in the process of converting a malt sack into three cushions that can be used at the Brewery. I need an Overlocker; I may have to borrow the one from my other job…

Terry Towelling Nappies
Terry Towelling Nappies

I am very big on recycling and upcycling; I have always said that when I have children I would use ‘Terry Towelling’ nappies. I do not like to think that there are many many many nappies in landfill sites across the country that are going to take more than 100 years to degrade. It makes my sick that we do not use them more!

Real Cider
Real Cider

I LOVE cider and I wish that I could make it (I do have many “easy” recipes; I am a little nervous about trying them). I just hope that we; we as in the people, continue to make real cider – none of the bubbles thank you!

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