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February: Make is the theme…

NaBloPoMo February 2015

Wow! It is now February; February the 1st. I am currently writing this post while at work; it is a little quiet here at the moment. This month BlogHer wants to celebrate me and my creativity. Hopefully by writing about projects gone right (or even… er… wrong) I will be inspired to roll up my sleeves and try something new. I am just hoping that I am ready for it; I bet that all of you are ready for it…

I do LOADS for crafting; both for pleasure and for business. I am a member of the Craft Club at IGGPPC and I use my Instagram account to show the world what I have created (however; it is also the place I share a lot of random photos!). There are monthly crafty challenges. I have taken part in them since I joined in about November 2014.

For business; my Etsy store – Handmade Crafts & Cards, I have been making things for a while. Currently mostly knitting, but I am in the process of making quick and easy things that everyone will want to buy. I have jewellery, knitted items, keyrings and hair slides. My Instagram account – Handmadcc is the place where I advertise my wares! Sor, people keep your eyes peeled!

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