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My morning routine…

NaBloPoMo January 2015

Today is Tuesday and the last Tuesday of January. The prompt for today is “Tell us about your morning routine. What is one thing you want to change?”. Could I see this as a personal question; nah I don’t! I think that it is good to learn about how people start their day!

As I said it is Tuesday; on Tuesdays I work at a Primary School with the 4 year olds (mostly sweet children). It is a very long day! It all starts at 6.30am when my alarm goes off. Not a nice sound to hear (I hit snooze at least three times). I wake up (at 7.15am); get washed and changed. Sometimes I will be happy, but most of the time I grunt a morning greeting to the family. Depending if I made my lunch the night before (well, I eat the leftovers!) I leave for work at about 7.45am. Arriving at work 30 minutes early. This is where I read, check Facebook, blog and read my emails!

The one ting that I would like to change is the mood I have when I am woken up by my alarm. I have tried different noises; I have an app that wakes me up slowly. I do not think that my mood will be happier until I find another job.

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