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Watching it over and over…

NaBloPoMo January 2015

I cannot believe that I am almost completed my *first* NaBloPoMo (it is actually my third attempt but this is the only one I have done more than three days of) and I have actually enjoyed it! I just love to write; and strangely I love to write about anything…

Anyway; back today, which day sixteen of the month. Another prompt for me to use today and it is Similar to yesterday, if you had to watch the same movie every single month for the next 10 years, what would it be?

Well, I find it harder than yesterday to answer this one. There are many many movies I love and watch over and over quite regularly but a single film that I could watch over and over for the next ten years I do not know which one I would choose. I have so many to choose from. If it was a series; then Harry Potter would win hands down but a single movie that is another question.

I do like to watch The Da Vinci Code as I find rather interesting; if I had to pick just one I think that it would have to be that one. I would probably get bored over after seven years I like but it could work! I would know all the lines of the actors right?!

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