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Looking for new or sticking with it!

NaBloPoMo January 2015

Today is day fourteen of Habit and it feels more relaxed now I am at the end of the second week. Super exciting right?! As it is Wednesday; I have another prompt to help me write today’s post. The prompt is Do you need to always find new music, authors, or actors, or do you stick with what you already know you like?

I do like to read books by different authors and I usually support the authors local to me – Jenny Cockell and Jodi Ellen Malpas being two of them. Both are authors of very different genres. I have set myself a reading challenge for 2015 (well, actually two!) and to see more head over to Paper A Plenty for more details! It is the same with music; I do listen to new artists but it all depends on my mood or what I am doing…30s/40s for when I’m driving to work and Pop Classics on the way home. I find having different genres of music is a type of muse for my Novel Writing…

I do like to mix it up; bit only if the mood requires it!

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