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Adding more habits?

NaBloPoMo January 2015

Second weekend of “Free Writing” and what to write about it? I am trying to get involved in more activities online with two groups I am involved in – IGGPPC and LEP.

I am going to be doing the Craft and Reading Challenges at IGGPPC. I want to do some Guest Posts; which I have applied to be one at IGGPPC (I am all excited; I am waiting to hear if I have got the ‘job’ or not). I am wondering if the LEP want any Guest Bloggers…I want to make Guest Blogging a habit within my life; as I do with blogging in general.

However; taking on more habits, is that the best thing for me at the moment? I am trying to save up and move abroad; to teach English as a Second Language (see my blog My TEFL Adventures for more details about that dream) and I know that I can still continue with these habits when I am abroad. I believe that it will make me a better person…what do you think?

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