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Habit?! New Years Resolutions…

NaBloPoMo January 2015

Oh yes; it is that time again! This time I will complete a post every day for the month of January…this month of all about HABIT! I am determined to post everyday!

Today’s ‘prompt’ is “what are my resolutions and how have I picked them”

This year; 2015 is MY year! I am sure of it! I have bought myself the wonderful Life and Biz workbook by Leonie Dawson and I spent last night (after finishing work) filling it out! She is a fab lady! I have also got my act together for blogging and prepping myself for life as a TEFL teacher. I have ordered “Planners” off Etsy to print off – I am super excited about this!!

I don’t normally complete my resolutions – lose weight; save more money etc etc – however this year it will happen!!! I have the same resolutions every year! Fingers crossed!!

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