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November 3rd: working for a brand?

The prompt for today from NaBloPoMo HQ is: “Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you’d love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?”

When it comes to business pitches I feel that I am not the best of people. I get nervous in front of people I do not know (well at least for the first fifteen minutes or so) and talking about things that interest me terrifies me. I love to read books; so I think that the “organisation” I work love to work for would be a independent book seller. I would like the shop to be homely and relaxing. There should be places to sit; like tables and chairs and of course comfy armchairs. there will also be a need for WiFi as I would want people to come and relax within the shop (also they could do the NaNoWriMo novels there too!). I think that it should have a coffee serving area; similar to the Barnes & Nobles I went into near Riverside, New Jersey in 2012. It was lovely. I bought a drink and then went book shopping. I think that the shop should have all genres and as many authors under its roof as it can. Loads of book signings too!

I think that the organisation should be called “Leaves through Pages” or “Just Another Page In Paradise”

I would love my ‘post’ to be Buyer. As I love to read many different genres of books by many different authors. I am very big into independent authors; so I would troll through the internet trying to find up and coming authors.

One thought on “November 3rd: working for a brand?

  1. This would be my dream too! We actually have a coffee shop/second hand book store in our town (not a Starbucks or Tim Hortons). Just an independent specialty coffee store which sounds exactly like you are describing. It’s so lovely. I love going in there, searching the shelves and ordering a London Fog. I sit at a table either alone, with friends or sometimes my sons. I wish I had thought to open such a business but glad someone actually did open up one in our very small town.

    Visiting from Nablopomo!


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