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Currently, what am I reading?

I know that it has been a *while* since I last wrote here – it has been a strange year for everyone around the world. During this time I hav had time to think about things and carry out the things that I have pushed aside or ignored for the longest ime.

Some of you may know that I am a member of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals (or IGGPPC for short) and we are a group of geeky girls who love all things geeky! We call ourselves Iggles! There are different activities that we all do together – reading books is one of them! I’m what we call an “Iggle Bookworm”. The lovely ladies who are the ‘admins’ of the Iggle Bookworms, decided that we all needed to get our freak on with our books. The 2020 IGGPPC Geeky Reading Challenge was created.

1. something comforting
2. a book about science or technology
3. a recommendation (from a penpal maybe? don’t forget to write them back about it)
4. a book about crafts or arts
5. a genre you never read (expand your comfort zone)
6. a book about space or time travel
7. a non-fiction book about health, psychology or philosophy
8. a book by an LGBTQ+ or BAME author (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)
9. a book about books, letters or stamps
10. a book from the perspective of animals
11. a book of fairy tales or fantasy
12. a book in translation

I have SO MANY books in my “To Be Read” (TBR) Pile and I know that some of these books will match up for the requirments. We have been given some questions to have a think about for this challenge:

How many books will you be reading for the challenge? I have decided to challenge myself to read at least 12 books – one for each point

Do you already have a list of books per challenge-subject? Or are you going to wing it along the way? I am going to actually find/search out the books that match up. For example; there have been a lot of books that have been published this year that I can use…

What are your recommendations to other IGGLES, from books you have read in the past? (no, this doesn’t mean re-reads don’t count) At the moment, I do not have any – however, I will share them as we work our way through the challenge.

What book have you just read for this challenge and what is your opinion of it? Also, is it a recommendation? At the moment, I do not have any – however, I will share them as we work our way through the challenge.

We also have a monthly book (and comic book, for those who are comic book lovers). for the month of November, the book is Gone Shopping: The Story of Shirley Pitts – Queen of Thieves by Lorraine Gamman. I will be listening to this book on my commute back and forth to work – which is about two hours of driving every day. I am looking forward to this book, as the theme for November is “True Crime”. I studied Criminology (and Sociology) at University and I find it interesting when we find out why criminals have done the things that have done in the life of crime.

As for my GoodReads Reading Challenge for 2020 – I am currently behind …it is okay as I am hoping that the books that I am currently reading will go quickly! I have challenged myself to read 30 books and at this moment in time, I have read only 19…I can do this!

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…for not writing for over TWO YEARS! I am such a terrible blogger – really terrible!

My life was placed into hyperdrive and I was unable to catch up with everything. However, now that we are all living in a “difficult time”; I felt that it was time to get this blog (along with me others!) back up and running. Let’s do this! I have come to the conclusion that my novel, “No Voice?!” could be finished during this time – therefore, I have signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo to help me achieve this!

Since I last wrote; I have completed the 2019 Reading Challenge via Goodreads. I set myself a challenge to read 20 books; I read 26! Go me! For 2020, I’ve challenged myself 30 books – at the moment of writing, I am three books behind. I have almost finished two books and I have decided to do something crazy!

I have signed up for two; yes two, 24 Hour Readathons – Dewy’s 24 Hour Readathon and the Bookcrossing Readathon – I wonder if I can do it? I think that I can. Dewy’s is on 25th April and Bookcrossing one is 18th April.

The reason why I have decided to do these Readathons is due to the situation we are all currently living in – also I have many books that I need to read!

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NaNoWriMo is almost here…

Oh! November is almost upon us! I have once again changed my profession before November; I am now back in education – which I have come to the conclusion is where I feel at home. Working with children is what I am good at – I am very excited about this new job! I have been working on my 2011 NaNoWriMo Novel – “No Voice?!”; which is about a Deaf girl called Tabi who moves school – I have been trying to work on it for the last few years (both at “Camp” and in November) but due to my work commitments it has not happened – this has saddened me.

After attending the Ipswich Bookcrossing UnConvention a few weekends ago; I have been inspired to pick up “No Voice?!” and crack on with it. As per usual at any Bookcrossing events; there are local authors (well, local-ish) talking about their books and the process of their writing. Two of the authors in attendance found my synopsis rather interesting and have said that they will keep an eye out for it once I have published.

I am looking forward to NaNoWriMo this year; I will be able to write EVERY day! Woot Woot!

Go me!

Personal Life

It is just not happening…

…at the moment! I do not want to do any writing, in any shape or form! I just want to sleep! However; that could be due to me working stupid shifts at my current employer.

Also; I have been away Camping with my Guide Company, which took up a lot of my time over the last few months! It seems that I am never going to be able to finish my novel. I know that I need to just lock myself away and write my heart out! I have all the notes; it just needs to be pulled together!

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Camp NaNoWrimo is coming!


Oh yes! It is! I am hoping to crack out another 25,000 words of ‘No Voice?!’ during the month of July. Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo this summer? I have already been assigned my “Cabin” and I am now ready and waiting for July 1st to arrive. I am a little nervous about the ‘Camp’ as I have not done any ‘proper’ writing for a long time and I feel that I will not ‘get back into the swing of things’ when it comes to actual writing.


I know that it will flow when I start, but I think I will find starting the hardest. Have you seen this month’s “Swag”? I am loving the rucksack. Sadly, I do have any rucksack like it – I do have many rucksacks; I prefer to have my hands free!

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It’s been a while…

…and I am sorry about that! Life has been hectic. Too hectic for my liking! I have been working too hard on too many things and it is starting to get me down a little. I have not done any writing or reading for months. I wonder how I can get back to them…do you guys have any ideas?

I have got so many books on my “To Be Read” pile it is unbelievable!

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Loughborough Bookcrossing UnConvention 2017

Well, it is happened! It was this weekend and this is the first UnCon I have done in a while and it feels like I have never left…all the faces are the same and the NSS gifts are just as good.


I found out that my NSS giver was Poodlesister and she gave some amazing things…


I have added the Bookplates to my collection and I am saving the chocolate!! I do love London themed items!

I also received my NSS from the Oslo Convention that happened in April earlier this year. I was unable to go, Travelina brought it with her as she was coming to the UnCon. Here is what my NSS giver gave me:


Sadly, I don’t know who was the giver. Oh well!

My NSS receiver was Semioicghost. A lover of Sci Fi! I cross stitched her a bookmark. She worked out that it was from me. I am glad that she liked it.

My Instagram story on Sunday was of the Release Walk through Loughborough. It was lovely to wander around the town. I did some Geocaching and I was introduced to Munzee. Sadly Munzee is not available on my phone as it is a Windows Phone. I was catching Caches while on the Release Walk.

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UnConvention 2017 – it is not long to go!

I cannot believe it is only a few weeks until the Bookcrossing UnConvention 2017 in Loughborough. I can’t wait to see everyone. I have already packed my books that I will be releasing over the weekend and got my transport all sorted. I have organised a ‘Northamptonshire Themed’ Raffle Prize; which I am very excited to be donating.

I will be stitching when I am there – I have found a cross stitch pattern of the Bookcrossing “Road” sign! I will keep you all posted on the progress of that…

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Bookcrossing Update: “What the Reviewers Said” Book Box


Yesterday, I received a very exciting piece of mail – it was the “What the Reviewers Said” Book Box that was organised by NatalieC7. It has been a while since I have received a Book Box – it was exciting! I always have my Bookcrossing mail labelled with my username (JemmaJ) and then I know it is BC related! The sender of the box was Yorkshire-Lass. It is a UK based box thank heavens!

Within this box, you selected two books; that have been wrapped, by the reviewers comment that have been placed upon the wrapping. I choose:

“Something poignant and often hilarious…I loved it. Six stars Hurrah!”

This book was actually “What I did on my holidays” by Chrissie Manby. I have never heard of this author. It does not look like it will be a long read, so I have added it to my TBR pile.

The second book I chose was:

“Both tear-jerking and spine-tingling”

This review turned out to be for “Sister” by Rosamund Lupton. Another author I have never heard of. I will add it to my TRB pile and make a decision later on in the year to see if I will read it or not.

My TRB pile is getting bigger and bigger!

As requested by the rules of the box, I have added two wrapped books! Very exciting!

Just over a month until the UnCon in Loughborough – will you be there??

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Camp is a DISASTER! BookCrossing not so much…

Well, Camp NaNo is a DISASTER! I have not written a thing. Even though I have had a of of inspiration surrounding me. I just couldn’t write anything – which has made me feel relaxed a little. I know that NaNoWriMo is only a couple of months away. I WILL be more focused on the project. I am going to stay positive! I am going to use NaNo as my release, other than m stitching.

As for BookCrossing, I am writing this while I wait for my fellow BookCrossers to arrive for a meet up at a local OBCZ – I am hoping that some more people will arrive soon. It could be just the two of us.

I am excited about the UnConvention, it is almost two months away. I have been trawlling through he local charity shops looking for unlove books. Yesterday, I was at a local school fair and there was an ex- library book stall. Sadly need unable to have a look around until the end. This was when I was surprised that the ex-library book stall was now FREE! I grabbed as many of the books I could – they are coming with me to the UnConvention! I have already bought my bookplates ready to put in some books. I am at need to get some more. I wonder if the Supply Store will be attending this year?!